Who We Are

The city of Ferizaj is one of the newest cities in Kosovo, which was formed in 1873, while the area around this city is said to have been inhabited since the time of ours Illyrians or the Dardan tribe. This city is now extending to the northeast of Kosovo with a geographical area of 348 km² and numbered some 120,000 inhabitants.
The city of Ferizaj has always been a city of sport where sports have been developed from different countries and have given different talents of different sports. The sport pride of this city has always been Handball. This sport in our city has started to develop since the second world war, mainly the big handball was played and as the initiator of this sport is said to be Hysen Saraqini, a sport teacher in a primary school. Interest in this sport has increased especially when in Ferizaj there was a number of sports teachers from other centers and the first hendbolist club is registered with the BORCI name in 1958.
This club since those years regularly participates in the championship competitions of the former Yugoslavia, while in 1974/75 it became a member for the first time in the first league of the former Yugoslavia. The biggest success in this league reached in 1988 when Borci was ranked sixth among the top 14 teams, and at that time the league was the strongest league in the world. In cup competitions, BORCI arrived in 1979 to play in the final with BORAC club from Banja Luka where Borci lost 28:26 (14:14).
In 1990, when the Independence of Kosovo was brought out, Kosovo's sport was unavailable and so started the championship competitions within the state of Kosovo. Since this year our club changed its name and took the name KASTRIOTI.
Kh Kastrioti, from the standpoint of Kosovo's sport until today, managed to win the title of the best in the championship competitions and become the winner of the Kosovo’s Cup. All these successes of this club have been achieved thanks to the engagement of sportsmen and lovers of this sport who have not spared nothing but a hire to continue this tradition in this city, and these people in our city are numerous.


SuperLiga Championship: 5

SuperLiga Cup: 1